(fun) Ran into an old Sketchfab colleague at 3D Hubs today!

(Bart) #1

As I work from home, it's good to go out and find another place to work from time to time. As I've done some work for 3D Hubs in Amsterdam in the past, I know the team and they offered me a desk. When I walked in this morning I ran into Victor Tissot, who was an intern with Sketchfab. That's a pretty cool way to start the day smile

(Jeancharlesvarlet) #2

Good to see you guys !

(Andy lewis) #3

OomiGawd! That's one HUGE Marvin ya got there!



(Bart) #4

smile How are you doing JC? What are you doing these days?

One of the largest 3D prints I've ever seen wink

(Alban) #5

Love the big marvin smile btw it's available for DL here

Marvin - 3D Hubs by bram on Sketchfab