Fur Shader based on Shell instancing?


I was working on this model, https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/019/159/036/large/tony-mac-lane-screenshot-at-2019-07-04-19-15-06.jpg?1562260677
and looking back to my sketchfab version, witch looks great with all the post FX, i said in my mind “what it miss here is a fur shader like i did in unreal”

so instead of asking myself, why not asking you, sketchfab team if it can be done on webgl and so if we can espect this kind of option a day ?

best regards.

Exporting model with the “shell instancing” done in the modeler works, see

(opacity dithering + “thin”)

Instancing is often on par with unique geometry and instancing is a webgl extension therefore not available on all hardware, so there’is much chances of doing a specific shader for that.