Fusion 360 Exporter


(Maurisamp) #1

Hello Sketchfabbers!
I come here to suggest an exporter for Fusion 360 which is an excellent 3D software program that integrates several types of modeling: solid, surface, polygon, besides allowing simulation, CAM and automatic generation and parametric technical drawing, in addition to a service of Cloud where it is possible to share files with automatic generation of new versions. They have a plugin for KeyShot, but Sketchfab has no exporter for KeyShot. Fusion has an add-in for export in .dae (collada) but I have not yet tested to see if a .dae file goes into sketchfab without having to add all the materials and textures again. Thank you everybody. Faithfully yours



I actually built an Add-on for Fusion 360, but I hit a roadblock in that the only supported format I could export directly from the software is STL, which would not include materials, etc. You can export FBX via the A360 cloud interface, but not directly from the Fusion API.

If there is an Add-on to export Collada, it should be interesting to expand it to include Sketchfab upload, although I'm not a huge fan of Collada in general. It would be better if Fusion included the FBX SDK natively.

(Welbot) #3

I’d like to see this feature too.Any chance that now you can export IGES files directly, that this could be a thing? Hardly the best format to be using, but if we could get static models out of Fusion straight in to Sketchfab with materials in tact, that would be super!