Gabriel #3December Entries

(Outlawblaze) #1

Entry 1 Winter Coat:

(Thomas Kee Design) #2

The way it’s form fitted makes me think of an invisible person wearing it.

(Outlawblaze) #3

Lol! Yeah i should have modeled it a different way. This was the first time i’ve done clothing

(Thomas Kee Design) #4

Nah, I think it’s cool this way. Shows you how it fits.

(Outlawblaze) #5

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Outlawblaze) #6

Entry 2 Wooden Stove:

(Brian C Allen) #7

Ooh, I love the trees on the sides! Great touch

(Outlawblaze) #8

Entry 3 North Pole:

I didnt have a lot of time today only 2 hours… :frowning: i should have chose a more simple model to do in such a short amount of time. When i thought of North Pole i though of a present factory.

(Outlawblaze) #9

Entry 4 - Fruit Cake

(Laurer1990) #10

so cool :slight_smile: i realy like the tree ornaments in the glas bowl
have you ever tried the subsurface scattering here in sketchfab? Bacause cake is very translucent material and it will look even more realistic :wink:
nice cake though <3

(Outlawblaze) #11

I’ve never tried to use the subsurface scattering, thanks for the advice! I put it some subsurface scattering on the cake and it removed some of my hard black shadows.

(Laurer1990) #12

jap thats what sss do :slight_smile:
because the light travels deeper into the cake it swallow some of the shadows… but thats how it is in real live too.

(Outlawblaze) #13

Entry 5 - Flu Shot - Guaranteed to cure you of any flu! The ingredients include sugar, spice, and Uranium!

(Outlawblaze) #14

Entry 6 - Reindeer Ornament!

(Outlawblaze) #15

Entry 7 - Igloo

I had no time today, i had work and my parents came up it was hectic day. I was going for like a tower with an igloo in the middle.

(Chaitanyak) #16

that ornament is amazing!

(Outlawblaze) #17

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #18

nice flu shot! love it!

(Outlawblaze) #19


(Outlawblaze) #20

Entry 8 - Earmuffs! I decided to go more stylized with this one!