Gabriel #3December Entries

(Outlawblaze) #21

Entry 9 - Jingle Bells - I only made one bell lol

(Outlawblaze) #22

Entry 10 - Pine Cone

Yuck i dont like this model. : ( i only had a limited amount of time so i wanted to try low poly but it turned out pretty bad.

(Outlawblaze) #23

Entry 11 - Ginger Bread Man

Idk about this one i think i needed more polys around the feet and hands and the hat kind of bothers me. But i made the ginger bread texture in substance designer that was good practice.

(Outlawblaze) #24

Entry 11 - Update My ginger bread man looked lonely.

(Outlawblaze) #25

Entry 12 - Ice Fishing

I wish i had more time to add some more props and something to stabilize the fishing pole.

(Outlawblaze) #26

Entry 13 - Arctic Fox Pale Ale

I’m not a character artist so i decided to do a beer bottle lol.

(Outlawblaze) #27

Entry 14 - Chimney

(Outlawblaze) #28

Entry 15 - Sweater

I am getting better at clothing which has always been something ive struggled with but this one looks much better than my first jacket. The neck needs some work though.

(Outlawblaze) #29

Entry 16 - Gift

I got a little lazy with this one. I wish i could have worked on it longer!

(Outlawblaze) #30

Entry 17 - Snowflake

(Outlawblaze) #31

Entry 18 - Candy!

(Laurer1990) #32

caaaaandy cooooorn <3

(Outlawblaze) #33

Entry 19 - Sledding

(Outlawblaze) #34

Entry 20 - Snow Owl

(Outlawblaze) #35

Entry 21 - Christmas Doorway