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(Emre Karabacak) #1

Hey Sketchfab!

My name is Emre Karabacak, working as an freelance 3d artist focused on hardsurface from Germany.
Today i wanted to share my UNSC Air Defence Turret from Halo : Reach.
If you got also stuff from Halo, dont be shy to post it here :wink:

The whole thing was concepted by Isaac Hannaford for Halo : Reach.
I was inspired by this concept and added little bit of my creativity in the modelling phase to it :slight_smile:
Also i used Marmoset Toolbag 3 for baking and rendering.

Triangle Count: 11.080
Texture Size: 4096px x 4096px

Concept Art by Isaac Hannaford / Property of Microsoft

(Sel Li) #2

I've played Reach and this looks exactly like something that would be found in the game. Great job. :slight_smile: