Gear vr support


(Lazercar) #1

I am having a problem with my gear vr and my samsung s7. Every time I plug my samsung into the headset it automatically opens oculus. I know there is a app for sketchfab on the oculus app but its only a demo and I want to see my models and other peoples models using the real sketchfab app on the playstore. The only reason I want to use the gear vr with the plugin is because I have no controller.

thanks for your replies in advance. :stuck_out_tongue: :

(Paul Sketch) #2

inside Oculus, go to the “samsung browser Vr” or (install if you don’t have it)
then from the browser go on sketchfab
and then you can browse any model in VR by clicking the VR icon on the viewer lower right

(Lazercar) #3

Ok thanks for your help. And I had another question about vr. for some reason it spawns me somewhere different then what I set like outside of the building do you know anyway to fix this or am I just doing something wrong.


(Paul Sketch) #4

could you link the model where you set up the position in VR and it didn’t work ?

(Lazercar) #5

Mercedes Benz 300d w123 - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by lazercar (@lazercar) - Sketchfab Store here you go this is one of the models but basically all of them do that.