General questions using sketchfab for a business

Hi, i have recently discovered this great platform and have a few questions as a potential exploration of using sketchfab for business purposes.

Are there any businesses that use sketchfab embedded within their own websites to showcase their products that someone can point me towards?

What is the copyright situation of any models uploaded? The creator owns the original model but what about Sketchfab’s version of it?

What happens if Sketchfab go bust and no models can be hosted any more?

Is there a toggle to show two different versions of the same model?

Thank you for your time


Hi there. I dont know much about the business end of things in depth but regarding if other businesses use it externally on their sites that would be a yes, here would be some examples

I will not attempt to answer your question related to copyright, I think staff would be better confirming that, likewise your question about if sketchfab disappears.

With regards having the ability to toggle between different models/parts, etc , yes this is all possible with sketchfab’s API
you can take a look what is possible to do with it here:
Sketchfab Labs Experiments ](Sketchfab Labs Experiments

I don’t know much about it from a technical point of view but you can get some help from others on how to use the API

There is a little bit more info on it here too:
Overview - Developers - Sketchfab ](Overview - Developers - Sketchfab

You will keep the ownership of your own models, but you do give Sketchfab a license to host and process your models (or else we wouldn’t be able to show them). You can find all related information in our terms of use.

Then you’ll need to find another service. Of course, you should always keep a backup of your models on your own systems and not rely on the ‘cloud’ for that. However, since we’re now part of Epic Games, we’re pretty financially stable :slight_smile:

There’s not, but you can achieve this using our Viewer API. We have a great community of developers here on the forum as well as on our Discord who can help you out with that: