Generate GIF from 3D models

(Tinyfriends) #1


We would like to be able to generate a GIF from the 3d models we have on our account. We think it would be a great addition to the premium accounts.

Edit: the reason for that is that sketchfab is difficult to share. For example sketchfab on Facebook PC shows embedded in the timeline, but on phones it takes the user to a new page. From our survey, users then cancel the page loading and go back to Facebook.
We think that a gif would generate more interest, and clicking on the gif could then send to the 3d model page on sketchfab.
The gif could be a full turntable, or a bounce left-right that would make people understand the 3d model.


(Nomadking) #2

There’s actually a version of this over on the Sketchfab Labs page, check it out:


(Tinyfriends) #3

Oh, that’s great, how did I miss that? :slight_smile: Could there be an API for that?

(Nomadking) #4

Not sure, perhaps @paul_sketch can help with that question