Generated GLTF should convert textures to the correct color space


(Illation) #1

The sketchfab viewer allows you to select the color space for each texture to make a pbr material display properly, but glTF has a fixed standard for color spaces (baseColor and emissive sRGB, rest linear).

This prevents downloaded models from being displayed correctly in external viewers, if for instance a roughness texture was using srgb in sketchfab.

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @illation,

There is currently an issue in the glTF export code that doesn’t take this colorspace into account.
It will be fixed and the glTF archives having issues will be regenerated with the good textures.
This is kind of an edge case since users usually upload assets in the good colorspace, that’s why the issue has remained silent. Thanks for pointing this out.


(Illation) #3

Cool stuff, love seeing Sketchfab support glTF!