Genjidan Twinblade : The Demon Reaper

(Thammatorn) #1

Rise again after survive the severe injuries from latest battle with The Great demon and accidentally push through the gate of time.
Rescured by the Overwatch team expected to be one of the team member but after he woke up things didn't goes as they plan...

... To be continued

Hello guys, Here is my latest artwork; A high resolution Game character, Based on the combination of two famous Blizzard's characters; Genji Shimada x Illidan Stormrage. Took me quite a while to finish. Hope you guys like it and feel free to give critics & suggestions. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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(Dark Minaz) #2

nice, i recently made genji cat but genji"thebetrayer" looks great
The swords could do with a bit more love and the hair looks kinda off, haircards might be a bit better for realtime works:)
The skin looks a bit to much like leather, id tone that down a bit, illidan is a strong demon and not a last minute cancer patient that lacks blood.

But the overall sculpt and especially the wings are awesome

(Thammatorn) #3

Thanks for the critics man. I'm still not sure how to make SSS work perfectly in Substance painter and yea could have spend more time on the sword details. For the hair, They are actually cards but the resolution is quite high for some cards. Will try to fix the issues in the next one thou. Cheers! :smiley:

Edit : I tried tweaking a bit of roughness and specular hope it looks better now...