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About this us

Our company is specialized for projects, which requires innovative surveys. Our goal is to use modern technologies instead of time-and money-consuming survey techniques, thereby speeding up the work of the customer. Our basic service is three-dimensional scanning and multi post-processing of measured data. The advantages of the method is that, it requires short time, establish the full territory, contains color images and can reach the accuracy of three millimeters.

Using the proper softwares we can extract data from the measured point cloud by the laser scanner which later can be used for renovation or reconstruction. This may be a great help when there are no information about the building at all, or the existing documents are out of date and needed to be updated. Besides generating two-dimensional plans, the detailed pointcloud can also be used to create building information model. This three-dimensional model is the virtual representation of the actual building and containing every single element of it.

Our available services include a remote controlled airplane and helicopter. They are perfect to produce ​​ high-resolution images which can reach in our post-processing software three-centimeter horizontal and five centimeters vertical accuracy. In addition, an auto navigated boat is also available which can measure accurate data of the underwater surface up to half meter of water depth.

  • References/former clients: Lego, Ikea, Continental, Hankook, Audi, Network Rail, P&G, Heathrow Airport, Nato Base of Pápa

  • Website:

  • How to contact:

Service description

Point cloud modeling:

  • Specialisation: 3D CAD, BIM, Building industry, Heritage conservation, Mining, Civil engineering, Quality management, Architecture, Morphological researches, Tunnelling, Digital Terrain Modelling, Factory supervision

  • Equipment/software: Faro X330, Faro X130, Faro Arm, ONS-2500, Cies-2000, Phantom 3P, Phantom 3S, Phatnom 2 Gopro

  • Location: Dunakeszi, Hungary
  • Ability to travel: Worldwide
  • Guaranteed accuracy: 3 mm (0.01mm with Faro Arm)
  • Textures: .jpeg
  • Deliverable file formats: .dwg, .dgn, .obj, .ptx, . fbx, .las, .pdf., etc.
  • Additional services: Cartography of large areas, Urban development, Environmental control, Precise agriculture, Applications, 3D CAD, Aerial photography, Oblique photos, Heritage conservation, High voltage power line inspection, Archaeology
  • Costs: 200€ / day

Service-specific information

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  • Aerial vector: ONS-2500, Cies-2000
  • Georeferenced: yes
  • Viewing software provided: Sketchfab, Webshare


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