"Geometry has invalid normals" what does it mean?

(Aveeroja) #1


After uploading my model, I'm receiving this message:

"You can also improve the result by fixing some minor issues: See issues.

normals :
Geometry has invalid normals"

What error is this, what does it mean and how do i fix it ?


(Moroplogo) #2

I am not sure if the following topic will help you but you can read this: http://forum.sketchfab.com/t/problems-with-the-representation-of-materials/1905/5

(Aveeroja) #3

Can anyone explain me where is the problem?

"Geometry has invalid normals" - what does it mean?

(Waleguene) #4

Hi @aveeroja,

This warning is thrown when an inconsistency is detected on your model when it is processed. To give you an example, for a given triangle, it compares the orientation of each of the vertex' normals with the face normal and throw the warning if they are too different(i.e an angle > 90°), like on this schema:

Please note that this check is not resilient to all of the cases, so it might potentially throws warnings for models that are ok. We are aware of this, and it will be improved smile

Does it answer your question ?


And if the model looks good, you can ignore the warning smile