Geometry moved a bit after upload

(Daedal Js) #1

i was just showing my brother the theatre i made and noticed that the models i uploaded recently had two bits of geometry moved out of place.
i’m not sure if they were showing up as out of place through every re-upload before yesterday but i don’t remember them being out of place previously and they’re not out of place in the files i used to upload them.

the models i’m talking about are my empty mozilla hubs clubhouse and the completed clubhouse.
you can find the parts in question when you look at the theatre building from the back.

it’s the same models and same geometry for each of them.
as blatantly noticable as it is this seems like it’s be a hard thing to miss though all the times i re-uploaded and viewed the upload before yesterday so i don’t think it was a problem before yesterday.

in all honesty i don’t remember them being out of place when i looked them over after the final re-upload yesterday but i was feeling rushed and tired last night trying to meet the deadline so it’s possible i could have missed it yesterday simply because it’s not a visual portion from a normal view inside the theatre or out front of the theatre and it wasn’t a part i was working on yesterday so i likely didn’t think to check if there was an issue there after it was alright on previous uploads.

seems like a similar issue to this old one.

was there ever any sort of clear fix to keep this from happening or what?


Sorry I don’t see where there is geometry out of place. Can you share a screenshot?

(Daedal Js) #3

here you go. i tried matching the angle of view as much as possible.

also, sorry to all blender fans for that horrible doodle of the blender logo.
i probably should have used a reference.


Thanks! We’ll take a look.

(Daedal Js) #6

not sure if it was you guys or what but the completed scene seems to be displaying correctly now.
empty theatre is still showing incorrectly.

if it was you guys then many thanks for fixing that!
also is there a way to avoid that happening in the future from my end of things?
just reupload if there’s not a contest judging period going on or what?

if it wasn’t you guys then that’s even weirder.


I believe @waleguene re-processed the model for you. I’m not sure if there is anything specific to so on your end to avoid such cases.