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Geometry problems

(Phraxis38) #1

Hello everybody
I've got some issues with three models. It seems that the parts are not in contact correctly.
I think that it affects all the slanting edges...
I work with 3ds max, and the models are correct. I have uploaded most of 20 models during the week end and that's the first time that it appears.
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot.

Assemblage à mi-bois simple by uWood® on Sketchfab

Queues d'aronde spéciales by uWood® on Sketchfab

Assemblage à queue d'aronde sur le plat by uWood® on Sketchfab

(Johnson Martin) #2


I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about. Could you be more specific? All three of the models look fine to me.

(Phraxis38) #3

It's hard to see, you have to look quite closely :wink:
In the model "Assemblage à mi-bois simple", the bottom piece is smaller than its notch (a few 1/10mm.
In "Queues d'aronde spéciales", the piece N°2 goes inside the darkest one.
The same with the piece N°1, and in addition the N°1 does not touch the brighter one.
In "Assemblage à queue d'aronde sur le plat", it's the same thing in between the two pieces.



(Mrchlblng) #4

Hey @phraxis38,

it looks like a geometry compression issue so it's on our side. We're still iterating on this and unfortunately it may take a little while before we can fix our processing for your models.
There is no workaround that you could use to bypass this. If this is too big an issue, we could see to reprocess your models without compression but that would be a manual process on our side.

(Phraxis38) #5

Hi team, @mrchlblng,
Is there any progress on this geometry compression issue?

I understand it's not very important for you, but I think that's a shame because Sketchfab is a really good way to show and explain technical assemblies... But it becomes embarrassing especially when i must explain to my students : "heu... no... in fact these pieces are close to one another...":pensive:

Another example (frame 730 to the last) :

(Mrchlblng) #6

@phraxis38 sorry for the long silence as I was in paternity leave. We still do not have a proper fix for compression issues with animation. We made some progress to manually disable compression when not-yet-fixable issues arise so I'll check that and get back to you.

(Phraxis38) #7

@mrchlblng thanks for the feedback...
.... and Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl/boy. :wink:


Spring cleaning! Is this still an issue?

(Phraxis38) #10

Sorry for the delay....but yes! It works after reuplod my models :wink:

(Phraxis38) #11

I’ve got another geometry problem in this model.
The plywood piece is normally align with the oak piece below…
Could you do something?
Thanks !


Is this the problem?

(Phraxis38) #13

Yes :wink:
And the cutting (inside triangle form) must be aligned with the piece below
here :


@waleguene @jorditorres looks fine imported into Blender - compression?

(Waleguene) #15

Yeah, the issue is caused by geometry compression.
Let’s add this model to the ticket and we will discuss how to adress these compression issues.

Thanks @phraxis38 for reporting

(Phraxis38) #16

Thanks guys!
@waleguene @james Let me know when it’s done and if i have to re-upload my model :wink: