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About Geopoints

Geopoints is specialised in capturing and processing 3D-scans. Using 3D-scandata we apply reverse engineering and quality control for a huge variety of industries. After studying your case thoroughly, we will seek for the best solution using our vast experience. We’re able to take on the whole 3D-scanprocess as well as advice or train to work with 3D-scanmethods yourself.

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Service description
Specialisation: 3D Scanning, Reverse engineering and quality control.
Equipment/software: FARO Edge with Laser Line Probe, FARO Platinum with Laser Line Probe, 3shape Q800, Creaform Go!SCAN, Geomagic, Solidworks
Location: Houten, the Netherlands
Ability to travel: Depends on the project
Resolution: as needed
Guaranteed accuracy: Depends on the project
Max / min scannable sizes: Depends on the project
Deliverable file formats: Almost any filetype.
Additional services: Advice, training.
Costs: depends on the project size, difficulty and the deadline

Examples of our work: