Georeferenced 3D Models and Sketchfab

(Simonbrown) #1

A lot of my underwater 3D scans are now including georeference data. This kind of data is very useful in understanding more about how wrecks lie on the seabed.

An example of a georeferenced model is the wreck of HM Submarine E49:-

And taking it one step further, the model can then be used to derive a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). An example is here:-

If you have a look at the DEM you will see how the sand that is covering the submarine is higher on one side of the wreck. I do not know for certain, but I am guessing a current is running over the wreck from the west and is depositing the sand as it flows over the wreck. This kind of data is very useful indeed.

Anyhow, the main though is how can Sketchfab start to support geo referencing data? A simple arrow that indicates north would be a good start?