Gerpho photo aérienne - France


(Gerpho) #1

Professional High quality 3D photography, aerial and ground

  • Applications : Architectural, urban and industrial project planning and /or pre-restoration scan, cultural heritage, 3D communication tool, 3D artwork photography
  • Scanner : Photogrammetry, professionnal Nikon equipment, 36 million pixels/picture
  • Aerial vector : Plane or helicopter
  • Software : Acute3D Context Capture (formerly Smart3Dcapture)
  • Location: France
  • Ability to travel: Europe/world
  • Resolution : high : submillimeter (ground) centimeter (aerial)
  • Guaranteed accuracy : better than 3 x resolution
  • Max / min scannable sizes: cm to tens of meters (ground) tens of meters to km (aerial)
  • Georeferenced : yes
  • Deliverable file formats: OBJ, FBX, S3C, 3MX, Ortho, DSM, LAS, others on request
  • Viewing software provided : Sketchfab - Acute3D free downloadable viewer - Acute3D plug-in free webgl viewer
  • Measurement tool : position, distance, height, surface, volume : included with free viewer
  • Textures: full color, fully textured
  • Additional services: retouching , model hosting
  • Costs: function of size and resolution + travel

Industrial site

Warehouse and car park by Gerpho on Sketchfab

Architectural heritage

Chateau de Wideville by Gerpho on Sketchfab

Pre-restoration scan

Bronze Statue of Napoleon in Cherbourg by Gerpho on Sketchfab


Tiny bronze sculpture by Béatrice Bauchart by Gerpho on Sketchfab

Factory - see full hi-res model here

(Large file !) Usine-factory by Gerpho on Sketchfab

Sketchfab Netherlands - Free bust scanning