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About this service

Get in Situ Sàrl provides adapted 3D solutions for either scientific and industrial fields or touristic purposes. Aerial or/and terrestrial (LiDAR and photogrammetry) means can be used in order to cover a wide range of scales (valley, cliff, site, object). Inherited from traditional land surveying methods or recent 3D skills, this great adaptability has been first applied for archaeological topics which present various contexts and needs. The provided products suit well to the customer expectations (2D/3D GIS analysis, 2D maps, 3D raw files, 3D animated video, VR and AR).

  • References/former clients: French National Centre for Scientific Research (‘CNRS’), French Ministry of Culture, Universities of Bordeaux, Nanterre and Toulouse (France), Preventive archaeology French National Institute (‘Inrap’)
  • Website:
  • How to contact: — English and French spoken

Service description

  • Specialisation: we provide high resolution and accuracy models of objects (organic and lithic material), features (e.g. burials, hearths, flint knapping areas, stratigraphy), archaeological excavations and whole sites. Our models are built in order to reach two goals: 1) analytical work on geometric features — site scale: mapping and intrasite spatial analysis ; artifact scale: geometric morphometry — and 2) cultural heritage conservation — assistance and valuation towards scientific communities and general public.
  • Equipment/software: high performance cameras, lenses and lights ; home made devices for dark environment site-scale acquisition (e.g. caves) and speed increasing artifact acquisition ; automated and standardized object digitizing equipment (motorized turntable with synchronized cameras) ; total stations and GNSS receivers (geopositioning, topography and geometric control upon model robustness) ; professional software suites for model construction workflow (calibration, radiometric correction, ground control net, SIFT keypoints detection, point cloud filtering and classification, mesh remodeling, high quality texturing) ; professional software suites for model exploitation and valuation (mapping, CAD, GIS and spatial analysis applications, 2D and 3D illustration designing, video editing, VR and AR application scripting)
  • Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Ability to travel: worldwide
  • Resolution: on request (object: submillimeter or better; site: millimeter)
  • Guaranteed accuracy: depending on the resolution, generally we guarantee the resolution order of magnitude (max 1 to 5 times the resolution)
  • Max / min scannable sizes: from [cm] to [ha]
  • Textures: HDR; natural or enhanced color spaces (e.g. decorrelation stretch imaging)
  • Deliverable file formats: on request (popular and specific formats)
  • Additional services: by-products providing, preparing for 3D printing, reporting, archive photogrammetry (building models on old excavation photographs), TLS/ALS (Terrestrial or Aerial Laser Scanning) data acquisition, processing and analysis.
  • Costs: please contact us

Service-specific information

  • Georeferenced: yes
  • Field work: initial, live and final photogrammetry and surveying on short- or long-term excavation projects; open-air, rock-shelter and cave environments
  • By-products: 3D textured digital models, Digital Terrain Models, contour maps, digital orthophotographs, plane and vertical maps of archaeological features, layers and artifacts, site profiles, 3D prints, specialized or general public targeted illustrations, 3D animated videos, VR and AR apps for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Viewing software provided: on request
  • Client relation: comprehensive assistance and interaction on most recent archaeological research topics
  • Quality level: the products (and/or analysis) we provide are used in international and national (France) scientific papers, official reports, French museums and courses addressed to graduate students.