Get Ready to Jump

(Weta) #1

So I've got four days to produce a model for this contest. Time to get started! Good luck finding out what I'm about to make...

(Weta) #2


(Bart) #3

Welcome on board! Please keep in mind that the submission deadline is already this Wednesday, so hurry up :slight_smile: You can read more in the contest updates.

(Weta) #4

Thanks Bart!

I actually just managed to finish my entry. Very happy with how far I got in just a few days. Sketchfab's upload system saved me hours of troubleshooting with all of the PBR features.


Never Mechanically Augment your Pet Hamster! by Weta on Sketchfab

(Jeff Leclerc) #5

Awesome! I love the tiny little brain on its head haha! A really nice render in such a low amount of time!