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Getting a smooth joining from Duplicate Special


(Josh B) #1

I've have created this so far following a few youtube tutorials with just the head to finish off but the one thing annoying me is the vertical line of vertices connecting smoothly. Any recommendations on how to fix this?
On maya itself, the vertical line is not this visible

I did the duplicate special (Screenshot in link)

Link is below to the model.


(Sourdays) #2

Looks like your polygon are intersecting and not joined. Theres two way you can approach this. Freeze the model with the negative scale, then you can move the pivot point to a vertices on one model edge. Hold D(Change pivot)+V(Snap to vertice) then snap that to your model other half edge. Then merge vertices and soften normal. The other method is to use Mirror Geometry under Mesh option.I would recommend the second method since its much easier. Remember to use center pivot to help the geometry to mirror properly.