Getting blank pages in Firefox

(Moroplogo) #1

For me I have no problem with google chrome but with firefox (on pc Windows 10 or smartphone android) there are many problems :
I can’t see any “card-thumbnail” or any “navigation-menu” in the main or personal page
but it seems to work when I go to a specific model’s page.

WebGL doesn't work
(Bart) #2

I can confirm - we’re looking in to this.

PS: I moved your post to a separate topic as this is not WebGL related.

(3 Do) #3

yep same problem here with Firefox, blank screen.
Unable to login with Microsoft Edge.
All is fine with Chrome.

Thanks !

(Bart) #4

Edge confirmed too, thanks!

(3 Do) #5

ok It’s working now ^^

thanks ! :slight_smile:

(Bart) #6

We rolled back a change, will need to investigate further :slight_smile: