Getting locked out of the site


(Alex) #1

Strange thing - just mentioned yesterday and today the same - after access to the viewer_app I posted above it works, but after closing I may not access at all during some period of time (10-15 minutes or so, the problem appears with different browsers, windows, Ubuntu...).

Sketchfab and scientific visualization
(Bart) #2

@ayvlasov hmm, I'm not sure why that would be. What happens when you try to access the site? Do you get an error message, blank screen, something else? Please share a screenshot and more information.

(Alex) #3

@bartv If I tried to access site after the case, during some period of time standard screen informing that a site may not be accessed appears (e.g. the same screen appears then site is down). Let me describe my past experience before new tests, because after that I lost opportunity to reply either during some time.
I clicked
all seems worked O'K, on the top of the page there is link {discussion about scientific visualization} to this post. After clicking I see the post, but all 3D images are empty. After closing the browser I got mentioned problem with access.

(Alex) #4

I just checked again - was not accessible during 10 minutes with Windows diagnostics that address exists but did not respond.

(Bart) #5

We looked in to it and you're getting locked out of the site because your script is sending too many requests in a short time to our site. To prevent overloading, we 'throttle' the traffic. So it seems there's a bug somewhere.

(Alex) #6

Thank you for information. At least the block is only 10 minutes instead few days for :disappointed_relieved:

(Alex) #7

@bartv, After few tests I am still not guess there a bug could be in principle - if I get initial file from @miekeroth tutorial it works without problem, but it is enough only to change string with model ID from initial one to my model and the problem with blocking appears.
UPDATE: Maybe it does not have relation with API at all - the lock appears after access in any way to a model with more than 5 annotation made in PRO mode (e.g. contest) after PRO expired.

(Bart) #8

We've narrowed it down to a problem in the way we handle markdown in annotations. Because of the images in them, they're really hammering our servers for some reason. We'll fix it :smile:

(Alex) #9

O'K, yet in fact, I did not have a markdown and images in annotations and they are locking site anyway...
UPDATED It seems to me, now all works O'K. Thank you!