Getting ready for Christmas with Sketchfab?

(Bart) #1

We're seeing more Christmas related artwork being uploaded these weeks. How are you using Sketchfab for the Holidays? Please share your stories and art here!

Merry voXmas by cYnborg on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #2

IM taking part in Unity Art Competition this December and this month only the first Prize is Massive - A Unity 5 Pro licence!

The Competition theme is Christmas tree ornament/s. I decided to do something comical that tells the story of me wanting the first prize with a passion.

This two piece ornament set could practically be used by anybody else who has something on their heart for Christmas.

To be more practical I was thinking instead of the name of whatever you want being on the acorn wall, there could be a string with a crocodile clamp hanging from the bottom of the acorn and you could then write a wish list note for "Santa" ( aka your parents or wife/husband ) and clamp it there on the tree .. with Scrat hanging not to far away looking at the objects of desire of coarse.

All I Want For Christmas WIP by shaderbytes on Sketchfab

(Bart) #3

Nice one! I was kind of hoping the Christmas tree was in 3D too smile

(Shaderbytes) #4

Thanks @bartv It would be better with the tree in 3D instead of a static backplate - Its still a WIP but there is a 5000 vertices limit on this months competition.

My scene still has 1100 to spare so I could possibly do a simple 3d tree with alpha planes that looks good.

(Bart) #5

Ah, with such a poly budget that makes sense.

(Juang3d) #6

Hi! This is my Christmas contribution with Sketchfab... 6 cool Christmas lowpoly characters. smile

Christmas Team by JuanG3D on Sketchfab

MMmm.... How the gfr#!GRsdf!*# can I embed a Sketchfab 3D image? frowning I always the same problem.
Ah! Done it! smiley

(Juang3d) #7

Good luck in the Unity5 contest, Shaderbytes! I wish I was able to join that contest, but this month I have no free time for that frowning

(Loki Laufeysen) #8

I made these in an alt 3d xmas tree tree decoration set of 4 smaller found here

3d xmas tree tree decoration set of 4 smaller by dr who john smith on Sketchfab

(Bart) #9

@juang3d Nice collection! Did you create them for a specific purpose?

@LokiLaufeysen I updated your post to include the embed here (just put the model URL in your message).

(Dsutedja) #10

I am also in the same shoe with shaderbytes. Here are my penguins, for the contest.

Ping Ping - Black Version by GreenGaruda on Sketchfab

Ping Ping - Green Version by GreenGaruda on Sketchfab

This is also my first time using sketchfab, the previous 3D viewer website was p3d. I wish there was some kind of save settings for the scene. So i can reuse the scene and environment lighting.

(Alban) #11

@dsutedja those pinguins are awesome!

(Loki Laufeysen) #12

thanks tried to embed didn't work i made them on tinkercad turned out nice got a set printed

(Bart) #13

Here's how to embed:

(Bart) #14

Here are my Christmas entries for 3DST29:

Paper Christmas Decoration #3DST29 by Bart on Sketchfab

Christmas Scene 3DST29 by Bart on Sketchfab

(Cynborg) #15

Thanks for the mention smile I'm amusing myself with xmas voxels at the moment. I'll upload this scene too when I've finished it.

(Bart) #16

Cool, please do! Would you be able to keep the 'seams' between the voxels visible?

(Alexschreyer) #17

Here's my take on this year's Christmas card. I usually post something to my websites around this time and in the past it has always been a rendered 3D model. This year I am going with WebGL and Sketchfab. As you can see, you guys introduced the bloom feature just in time. This model works extremely well with the turntable rotation enabled.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! by Alexander Schreyer on Sketchfab

Original posting on my site is here:

(Shaderbytes) #18

Thanks @juang3d wink Im currently busy on a 3rd entry for the comp, here is a concept render so long.. to bad you dont have time to participate

(Shaderbytes) #19

Here is my 3D model of the concept render I posted above

Shocking Santa by shaderbytes on Sketchfab

(Bart) #20

Hehe - love those bones smile It's nice to see whose work in progress steps, I'd love to see more like that here on the forum.