Ghost in the Shell - Intro sequence #moviecontest-static-final

(Vrhuman) #1

The very first scene from the Ghost in the Shell movie.
Let´s see how far you can push this with tools only usable in Virtual Reality
(Tilt Brush, Kodon etc). And with beeing "safe for work" :smiley:

(Vrhuman) #2

One of the coolest features in Tilt Brush.
Grab the Mirror Tool. And "throw" it!
With the now spinning mirror just hold the Brush and you have perfect circles.

Trying to outline the Laboratory scene where Kusanagis cyborg body gets assembled.

(Vrhuman) #3

Combined with the scale tool you can create a pretty quick layout of the scene.

(Vrhuman) #4

Testing environments for reflections and lighting options.

(Vrhuman) #5

Adding some light and "smoke" for athmosphere.

(Vrhuman) #6

Testing the environment in Sketchfab to see how the brushes behave before moving into too much detail and finding out it´s not working :smiley:

(Vrhuman) #7

Slowly adding more lights and details.
Not sure if i should ad the character because the entries must be "safe for work". Let´s find out later :smiley:

(Vrhuman) #8

(Vrhuman) #9

**Experiments to tighten the atmosphere. **
I want this to be as heavy as possible when viewed in VR.


(Mhazani) #10

My professional critique, in technical terms: DAYUM.


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This already looks beautiful, love the lighting. Can't wait to see more!

(Vrhuman) #12

Final Entry