Ghost in the Shell : Night Scene on the Boat

(Shashank Verma) #1

Hi,all ! I'll be recreating the night scene on the boat. Which is a pivoting point in the Movie.

  • "What we see now is like a dim image in the mirror, then we shall see face to face."


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Interested in seeing where this goes, is the perspective going to be that screencap?

(Shashank Verma) #3

Thanks for the upgrade !
Yes !Ill be recreating the scenery from the scratch. I'll be using a skydome and some extruded mesh for the building. Just to add some extra depth.

And, The boat with characters will be floating in the middle of the dome.

I have never tried this method before :). Hoping for the best.

(Vrhuman) #4

Love GitS! Looking forward to your Artwork.

(Shashank Verma) #5

Model update !

(Shashank Verma) #6

Thanks, vrhuman! and I'm sorry for the delay.