Ghostbusters Temple of Gozer Scene

(Adam Beamish) #1

I think I will give the Temple of Gozer roof top scene a go. Either before the terror dogs come to life or at the end of the film with the temple doors open. But probably the stone version of the terror dogs with the temple doors closed.


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Have fun! The architecture is really beautiful!

(Adam Beamish) #3

Thanks Core. I already have a Pro account but thanks anyway. Yes Art Deco is a wonderful art movement. Lots of nice little bits to model. :slight_smile:

(Adam Beamish) #4

So far the basic front stage area. Still blocking in the basic shapes and will eventually complete all sides of the temple.

(Adam Beamish) #5

Another small update of blocking in the basic shapes.

(Adam Beamish) #6

Small update figuring out the layout, areas of interest and temporary Terror Dog statues. I have found some good photographs of the set and scale production model but not enough to show all the details. There doesn't seem to be any blueprints for spook central.

(Adam Beamish) #7

Testing city backdrop and duel scene idea.

(Adam Beamish) #8

Refining shapes and scaling 3D model to match live stage scale.