Give me Ideas for a community collaboration

(Ndrakey) #1

I used to be a member at a pixelart forum when i was younger.
There were hardcore members who always did challenges to keep the community working :sunny:

What I miss today are the community collaborations where you got an isometric scene with many cubes. Everyone got one single cube. In the end you could see a great community artwork that looked like this:

maybe someone has ideas how to do this something like that together in 3d :smile: .

This is what I thought of:

Community Collaboration Contest by ndrakey on Sketchfab

(Hdvdeargentina) #2

I would love to see something like that with a little 3D work from different artists.

(Ndrakey) #3

Yes! I just dont know how one could give limitations to colors to make it look like only one artist did it. In the pixelart communities they used to have limited color palletes of 20 different colors for instance. Maybe one could do this project in voxels or so to get similar results. like minecraft. Theres different approaches i guess.

(Pauljs75) #4

I'm not sure how well something massive in terms of 3D would work for most people. But I'd like to collab on a smaller scope. I'm not so hot at texturing, but I do like the process of meshing out a model. It'd be nice if there was a way to pass something between artists and give more than one artist credit on the same project. So in my case, it'd be cool to let somebody good at texture painting go to town on one of my meshes.

With a collab feature or gallery if you look at any artist attributed (and with an optional spot showing their role), the project would list all their names. And all artists involved in the project would have that project listed in their personal galleries.

Of course this type of thing requires all parties involved act in good faith.

(Distance880) #5

I'll participate! You know where to find me :smiley:

(Belliebelle) #6

this is a great idea. I think if we limit the number of poly and colors, set the size for the "cube" and have a common theme it could work. Ill definitely participate.

(Ndrakey) #7

What would be the best? A completely voxelized scene? A standard scene with standard polymeshes? Should the texture be pixelated as we propably want a limited color palette?

Should we offer the whole thingt for free for the whole community? (So you propably might not want to compete with your best works)

I uploaded a little test scene so you can see how this "could" look like as for choosing the cubes you want to get.

Is 6x6 cubes enough for the start ?

(Belliebelle) #8

I think for the first run going with a pixelated theme would be best and maybe also for the first run having a set number of artist that can participate so that when its time to render you'll have a better idea of render time etc.

If you need someone to help you moderate the project I'll be more than happy to. I personally liked the preview you created because it will give everyone an opportunity to look into what everyone has done by zooming in etc. I also think having a 6x6 cube would be a fun challenge composition wise.

(Belliebelle) #9

Who participates etc should be first come first serve same with what location they want unless you want to just go in order

(Catilaporte) #10

Would it be done in magicaVoxel?
My idea would be something like the David tower in Caracas, where everyone get a space and start to put stuff in in, or build stuff. The great stuff would be featured on the the roof top every saturday.
Motocycles and others vehicles in the parking etc.... everyone can hang around for 1 day as long as he brings some voxels , like 3 oranges or a broken chair! and aquires space as he bring some more important contribution to the space, then there is the possiblility of trading stuff, find services, repair shops, furnitures,
It would need some kind of syndic or boot to attribute the space floors,
Also some little TV scween on the ground floor showing ,what is happening in the floors , for the visitor not getting lost in the huge building...
How does this sounds?
It should be weapon free, (too much weaponry in the 3d world!!!)