Giving zbrush, 3ds max, and substance painter HELP!

(Mkounelakis) #1

With the best of my knowledge i will be giving out help to people in need! If you have a question, I’ll probably have an answer =P

If we get enough people interested i can also start a public help stream on Twitch where i model something with in depth questions by anyone watching.

Heres some examples of my work for those of you wondering what type of field ill be aiming to help:

Personal work: Battle Girl

Personal work: snipersuit

Personal work, Warsuit

Personal work, tank marine

Personal work, mechsuit

Starcraft fan art

art war 3 mech driver

Art War 2 Contest Entry

DOOM Fan art

Warhammer 40k stuff

Big Mech

More starcraft fan art

It’s all in good fun so if u have ANY questions whatsoever hit me up, im always on and i have a huge repertoire of things i can help you with!