GLB Viewer for Web browser in development?

Wondering if there are any plans to provide a GLB Viewer in addition to the current viewer. My company has concerns over uploading file to your servers and have a web browser based viewer that would provide high quality render models would be great.

Hello @bemis3d

Sketchfab supports upload of GLB files and here is a full list of supported file formats.

However it sounds as if you might be talking about a ‘standalone’ 3D viewer that can read externally hosted GLB files? Or a self-hosted version of the Sketchfab 3D viewer?

I would also be intersted to learn more about the concerns your company has regarding uploading data to Sketchfab - can you share more information?


Yes I am thinking of a self-hosted 3D viewer. My company has a strict policy in regards to sending data that we own out to an external server that has possibility of being leaked or stolen. Just wondering if there is any exploration in this space at the moment.





OK, understood.

Yes a self hosted version of Sketchfab has been requested before.

You can learn about the current state of this feature by contacting the Sketchfab Enterprise Team: