Glitches when moving in First Person Nav started July 2016


(Aleahy) #1

Hi, since the last week or two I have noticed weirdness when moving around a scene using First Person Navigation.

If I hold any of the move keys (WASD) I travel for about 2 seconds, then everything gets blurry (multiple frames overlapping) and then the scene freezes. When I release the key I am teleported to the location I would've been if everything had been rendering. So the camera position seems to be updating, but nothing is drawing.

eg. I can no longer 'walk' thru this train model..

Mouse controlled looking around is working fine, I can look around as much as I want without any rendering glitches.
Switching to Orbit Navigation, I can scroll in and out and rotate around a scene without any problems.

Doesn't matter if I have the viewer in windowed or fullscreen mode, a large window or a tiny window - same problem.

This seems to be a NEW problem with First Person Nav.

Setup: Chrome 54.0.2794.0 Canary (64 bit), Windows 7/64, NVIDIA Quadro K5000 (driver version 368.39).

Regards, Andrew | Western Sydney University

(Stephomi) #2

Thanks for the report, I know the issue and will try to fix it soon.

(Scobot) #3

I'm just chiming in here - as I was searching for "why is navigating in VR so hard" - lol.

I found the WSAD to be spotty at best - I actually thought maybe there was a setting in people's 3D files that had navigation turned off.

I would say, while in VR, I would LOVE to be able to use a gamepad controller - like the XBOX - because fumbling for keys is really hard with a headset on. Maybe there is a "use gamepad" control button I am missing - still new to sketchfab.

I know it's early days of WEB VR so I understand. Also, maybe it's the weird version of CHROME I have to use for VR that could be causing issues as well.

Also, I'm using a DK2 - so there is that too! So many veriables. Maybe it's just me! lol


(Aleahy) #4

Hi, I just noticed if I keep the mouse button pressed and subtlety move the mouse around, while using WASD keys to move - the problem with the camera blurring and freezing doesn't happen.

Cheers, Andrew

(Paul Sketch) #5

"First Person" Navigation mode that became blurry after long key press should be fixed now.

Thanks again for the report!