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Glitching Animation from Blender in Sketchfab


(Georgiapollock) #1

I have completed a looping animation in Blender and have been trying for the past several hours to upload it to Sketchfab without much luck. The world doesn't rotate correctly on one axis and the backpack prop I made appears distorted and glitchy (see here: I exported to FBX and unchecked NLA strips and All Actions. I tried Bake Action on the world and the backpack. I also tried uploading as a .blend file but nothing fixes it. The animation appears fine in blender (he walks on the footpath and the bag moves with him) and I'm at a loss as to how I can fix this issue. I'm out of ideas and any help would be much appreciated!

(Lord00120) #2

Is the bag a child to the relative bone/bone? clear that parent/child relation and instead parent it to the armature deform. Then weight paint the bag so its only affected by your backbone :slight_smile:

(Lord00120) #3

Sometimes theres trouble when you simply parent something to an armature...

Also, this scene is 3 million polygons, and its all that circular planet shape, which doesnt need that many polygons, just set shading to smooth instead

(Georgiapollock) #4

Thanks so much turns out the bag wasn't parented properly and this solved the issue! I also managed to decrease the amount of polygons too. I'm still having the issue with the rotation of the planet though do you have any ideas on that?
Thank you so much again! :slight_smile:
(This is how it turned out

(Georgiapollock) #5

Actually all good, I fixed the world rotation by flipping everything in blender 90 degrees. Thanks again for your help! :slight_smile: