Glitchy performance in VR since recent update


(Aaronopenshaw) #1

Hi Sketchfab team,

Since what I assume was an update to VR, my interior scene models a very glitchy when viewed in VR. This model as an example:

When you look down, I'm showcasing carpet tile products, the model disappears and only the VR teleportation grid plain is visible. Looking up above the horizon line then recovers the model. I have tried elevating my model above the teleportation grid plain while keeping my VR person standing on the model's floor plain but this made no difference. I am assuming this is a glitch which will hopefully be fixed unless it is something to do with how I have set up my models in VR?

One other thing I have noticed is the optimization of image textures, specifically my carpet tile textures in VR mode. When I set the viewing height of my VR person, if the view height is a little too high I lose the resolution/definition on my image texture on the floor due to my distance from it and the way Sketchfab is optimizing it (this is in HD mode too). In my case I am trying to showcase the carpet texture so want the best resolution possible. My work around has been to set the VR viewer height lower to the floor, to be closer to it, until the texture is an acceptable resolution/definition. This has resulted in a lower view height than I intended for my model but an improvement in the image texture. On the other hand the viewing motion in VR is much more smoother and fluid now. Teleportation is working really well too. My only wish would be the ability to teleport upwards for birds eye views with out needing a flat surface to teleport to.

I am loving Sketchfab's VR and am promoting you to my Architect and Interior Designer clients in New Zealand as a platform for showcasing architectural/design projects and products with VR visualization. Keep up the great work and innovations.

Cheers, Aaron

(Stephomi) #2

The disappear glitch will be fixed soon, sorry for that!