Global Scan 3D Scanning Services


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Global Scan 3D

We are a company whose main target is to provide 3D scanning services through laser scanners and high resolution handheld scanners. We also work with SFM for 3D documentation. Our scope includes from heritage sites and artifacs to reverse engineering, BIM or building 3D recording.

  • References/former clients: Mezquita de Córdoba, Junta de Andalucía, Madinat-Al Zhara, Airbus, Sacyr, among others
  • Website:
  • How to contact: //

Service description

  • Specialisation: Terrestrial 3D scanners, high resolution handheld scanners, SFM
  • Equipment/software: Faro laser scan, EVA and Spider Artec scanners.
  • Location: Córdoba (Spain)
  • Ability to travel: Worlwide
  • Resolution: from 130 m up to 50 microns, depending on the equiqment used
  • Max / min scannable sizes: From large archaeological sites or buildings up to 3-4 cm tall.
  • Textures: Photorealistic textures
  • Deliverable file formats: All common, point cloud data, poly mesh data or subproducts (CAD, orthophotos...)
  • Additional services: All commom depending on the client preferences.
  • Costs: Upon request.


Arrabal Califal (s. X) by JESUS RODERO-GS3D on Sketchfab

Cristo MIsericordia by JESUS RODERO-GS3D on Sketchfab

Stormtrooper by JESUS RODERO-GS3D on Sketchfab

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wowwwww its amazing 3d scan.
one another 3d scan masterpice print by vexmatech "3D Scan Dolly Verden, The Racing Yacht-Boat"

The awareness is spreading and everyone
want’s their hands on 3d printing.The Indian subcontinent is just
starting to realize how to make use of this unrestricted borderless
technology. From high profile government officers to the final year PHD
students, we’ve been working with these amazing curious minds pushing
our engineering creativity at the best.
Once such project we got our hands on, is
the Dolly Varden shipwreck project. Built in 1872 the boat was
considered as the fastest sailboat for around 63 years. 150 years of
age, the boat has been found and undergone reconstruction projects since
last 25 years. The shipwreck went through scanning expertise of Mr.
Simon Brown from Deep3d – UK. We were lucky enough to be approached by
him for constructing a 3d model out of his scans. After a week stitching
the point cloud mesh and 15 hours of printing, volla! We had our hands
on mini-me Dolly.
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