Glossiness from 3ds Max to Sketchfab


Is there a way to transfer glossiness values (unmapped) from 3ds max to sketchfab? If i export model as FBX, then glossiness values are wrongly converted with rather strange curve and if i export it as OBJ, then glossiness is ignored altogether. Is there a way to solve this issue or maps are the only reliable solution?


Can you share an example upload?

I’m not sure how glossiness is imported / exported in FBX, @waleguene do you know?


I don’t have example upload (i fix glossiness in 3d settings editor manually), but i did some tests earlier and i gathered small chart on how glossiness from 3ds max is interpreted in sketchfab.

3ds max -> sketchfab
0 -> 0,092
10 -> 0,107
20 -> 0,127
30 -> 0,151
40 -> 0,18
50 -> 0,214
60 -> 0,255
70 -> 0,303
80 -> 0,36
90 -> 0,428
100 -> 0,509

I hope that helps.

(Waleguene) #4

Hi @romullus,

The main story behind this is that Sketchfab materials (PBR) are different from FBX materials(Lambert/Phong), so Glossiness has a different meaning in both case.

Sketchfab does an approximation using the luminance of the specular color and the FBX glossiness, but the result is never fully accurate, hence the results you get.


Thank you for explanation. Do you think this can be improved somehow in the future? For example, if one choose classic preset in sketchfab editor, then glossiness could be interpreted like it is now, but if one choose PBR preset, then glossiness would be converted 1:1 To be honest, i can’t see how current interpoliation could be any useful.