GLT Scan&Plan laserscan / photogrammetry, Budapest, Hungary


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We provide services for building engineering and architectural designers and operators with a new and modern technology (3D laser scanning) ensuring an accuracy of several scales higher than before. This accuracy plays and important role in surveying, designing and documenting buildings and their building engineering, industrial or technological systems. The advantages of the 3D laser scanning of buildings, building engineering and industrial-technological systems help the building engineering, industrial, technological and architectural design work with unmatched efficiency. The methods still applied today will soon prove to be complicated and outdated because the engineering work supported by 3D laser scanning simultaneously provides unbelievable accuracy, quickness and, at the same time, cost reduction.

The engineers of our Company prepare three-dimension drawings and documentation of millimetre accuracy of any buildings and any of their building engineering or technological sections by the help of a Leica Scanstation 3D laser scanner device. The images prepared with a laser camera can be displayed in 3D in AutoCad and other computer programs and in the course of the designing work they can be utilised unlimitedly. Our devices and professional knowledge also make it possible to implement high-quality three-dimension walks and animations, which we hand over to our Clients, similarly to the drawings, together with a computer program easy to operate.

Our 3D laser scanning service adapted to the Autodesk software can be divided into three main packages (surveying, designing and implementation) that can be viewed under the menu point "service" and can be combined as desired.

As a new business line of GLT Delta Kft., we offer a service only a few companies can provide in the Hungarian market. Our team consists of young engineers, designers and economists. Call us or ask us via e-mail!


  • Castle of Nádasdy @Nádasladány UAV photoscaning
  • 25 story building UAV photoscaning Pécs
  • Hungexpo Budapest - Exhibition hall structural scanning
  • University of Pécs - Heating centre laser scaning and 3D modelling
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences Szeged- 8 story building surface scanning and 3D modelling
  • Medicine factory Budapest


Service description

3D laserscaning of buildings inside and outside with high accuracy

  • Equipments Leica C10 Scanstation, DJI Phantom 2 with Gopro Hero4 Black
  • Softwares: Leica Cyclone, Pix4D, Autodesk Memento, Autodesk ReCap, Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, ArchiCAD, 3dsmax
  • Area: Hungary, Budapest
  • Travel range: 3000km range to travel
  • Accuracy: High accuracy with high resolution pointclouds (up to 360 million points from one position) ~5mm accuracy with laserscanner, ~10-15 cm with UAV
  • Limits: 300m height with laserscanner and 500meters with UAV
  • Textures .raw , jpeg
  • File formats.ptx, .pcg, .rcp, .rcs, .las, .xyz, .obj, .fbx
  • Additional services: - 3D printing, 3D modelling, thermographic inspections, MEP impelementation
  • Costs: Avarage 110€/hour

Service-specific information

  • Aerial vector: UAV
  • Georeferenced: no
  • Viewing software provided: Sketchfab , Analist CLOUD explorer
  • Measurement tool: position, distance, height, surface, volume : included with free viewer


tile demo by GLT Scan on Sketchfab

Nadasdy Kastely by GLT Scan on Sketchfab

Pécs - 25 story building by GLT Scan on Sketchfab