Gltf animation issue

I recently tried uploading a gltf file I’m using to test support in various engines/platforms:

It seems to have weird behaviour where it works on anything with gltf animation support, such as Windows 3D viewer, Blender and websites such as but on Sketchfab the animation somehow seems to simply scale the model. I have attached a zip file with the blender source and exported gltf file. (129.0 KB)

Hi @crushy,

Our glTF processing still lacks support of certain types of animation interpolation (including CUBICSPLINE) and it seems to be the cause of the issue here.

The issue is known and will be fixed :slight_smile: (especially with a new glTF files coming from Blender 2.8)
Thanks for the report (and for sharing your sample, it will be helpful!),

Thanks, good to know! In case it’s relevant, I exported the file with Blender 2.8 RC1.