GLTF Animations?

Hi, using the API to export GLTF models, at first glance, the animations seem to be missing. Could anyone confirm that the animations are being exported to GLTF?

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Could you provide us with more information on that ?

In particular:

  • You say “using the API to export GlTF models”.
    Are you referring to the upload of a model from your computer through the API of Sketchfab, or are you using the API of another service in which you create your model for instance?
  • If the model is from your computer, could you upload it here so that I can have a look at it?

If the model indeed has a correct animation (you can check through, there might indeed be a problem on our side which we’ll have to investigate.

Thanks for the report :+1: !


Sorry, I first misunderstood your question with upload vs export…
Would you have an example of the model you are trying to export ?

Usually, if a model moves in the Sketchfab viewer, the animation should be present in the exported GlTF file (you can check with the GlTF viewer linked above).
If it is but you can’t see it, then it’s probably a problem on the software you are trying to import the model into.


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Thank you for your support norgeotloic,

I meant Export with the API and/or Download to desktop. So far I have no definitive evidences that the animations are being exported properly. Which makes the development of a custom Sketchfab importer rather difficult at this time.

Going ahead with your suggestion with this model: Ironman : Arc Reactor (with sound) - Download Free 3D model by SAKE (@kingjongmin) [d87547f] - Sketchfab, the GLTF loader says (using Edge and Chrome):

THREE.GLTFLoader: Failed to load buffer “scene.bin”

I tried to acquired the model manually and with the API but with the same results. Are you able to load the model successfully?