GLTF Texture Name case sensitive

Hi there,

We downloaded a model from the API, we get a strange deflate behavior because of a texture file name with a case sensitive (ie, we have two textures with the same name but with a different case sensitive: Material_diffuse.png vs material_diffuse.png which are in the same folder)

After a check, the original model (which is a blender file) seems to have correct textures name. Could it come from the internal GLTF export from Sketchfab ?

In that case, even if we overwrite the texture, the model will be visually corrupted so it may not a correct solution.

Do you have any idea ? Do you have have to fix it from you side ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @beetseric,

Sketchfab glTF export automatically renames the images using the material name and channel using it. Materials are expected to be unique but there might be a hole if the model has two materials named Material and material, being considered as unique in the context of the export code but not when deflating in a case non-sensitive environment.

Could you share the link of the model ? We will investigate and provide a fix for this.

In the meantime, you should be able to rename the image in the archive and edit the scene.gltf to update the reference to it. glTF is a JSON and you just need to look for the images object, in which you should find the image path to update.

Thanks for the report

Hi @waleguene,

Thank you for your reply. Indeed, I forgot to give the model link :

Unfortunately, we load models at runtime (without any possibility to update/fix the gltf file), but thank you for the workaround.