GLTF Upload Troubles

I was attempting to upload my first entry into the Looking Glass importer challenge but have been unable to get it to upload in gltf format. Currently I have uploaded it in .blend format.

Any time I attempt to upload a gltf version of it, I get an error code 13 file invalid. Even when attempting to upload the gltf converted by Sketchfab’s own downloader. Has anyone run into this problem before? Does this have something to do with it being animated?

Additionally, for some reason there is a break in the animation when it is looping that is not present in blender. I’ve noticed this before when using half rotations to represent full rotations, can I not do that with the way sketchfab interpolates? It creates a seamless loop in blender.

Hi @skyeshark,

You got this error because you uploaded the .gltf file alone.
It’s ok when all the data are embedded in this file, but here you exported to .gltf + bin and the .bin file is missing. You need to upload it with the glTF.

You can see it referenced in the glTF file, hence the “invalid” error

"buffers" : [
            "byteLength" : 219220,
            "uri" : "LookingGlassHologramEntry1.bin"
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Well that’s a duh on my part, lol. Thanks for clearing that up!

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