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Go Random button


(Jenioss) #1

What about adding a “GO RANDOM” button in the menu that’ll redirect to a totaly random sketchfab model?

We can even push further by adding an “auto-random” feature that makes a redirection to a new random model every X secondes?

I was looking for that (to find motivation/inspiration) :slight_smile:

See you around

(Alex Nan) #2

Not bad :soccer: even “selective random” like - architecture category random / or such

(Dark Minaz) #3

i often type “model” into the search, that gives pretty random results. But it would be a nice way to find new models

(Mauricesvay) #4

Try this experiment: :smile:

(Jenioss) #5

Exactly that! I just need le fav/like button, but beside of that it’s perfect :smiley: (I guess since it’s experiment we don’t have the like button because it’ll be on the web page when you release the feature?)

I also agree with @AlexNan about the “selective random” thing he described

Edit: The back button of the browser doesn’t work. So if I click too fast on the random, I can “lose” great stuff :’(

(Alex Nan) #6

Awesome :ok_hand: