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Go there function in VR with controller

(Ihbindo) #1

Hi, i am trying to watch my model in VR.
HW - GALAXY NOTE 4, GEAR VR(first model)
SW - Samsung Internet browser

The problem is controller, i using custom xiaomi mi gamepad for android and it is not work, i cant move to target position/
If i using Gear VR and Sketchfab APP, everything is okay, but i have two problems, first is overheating after 5 min, and second problem is i cant find my models in sketchfab app, i can only watch default models.
So what can you offer for me. The target is, My models in VR with "Go there function"

(Romainrevert) #2

I can't answer you about the controller issue. But the overheating thing is a Samsung problem. I only can play 15 min in GearVR before my S6 became the Mordor.

Also the sketchfab app is just a showcase for the moment. Did you try to transform your Gear into a cardboard with a app like this one ?

This app desactivate the occulus autorun.

In this way, you can view Sketchfab content via your mobile browser in your GearVR.

(Ihbindo) #3

THNX, I'll try it today and i will let you know if it works right!!