Goblins's Harbor - WIP

(Nikolay Tsys) #1

Good Day Everybody!
Glad you come to see my WIP Topic for World of Warcraft: Legion Contest.

I decide to make flying ship dock of some sort with my favorite goblins.

I am not realy a enviroment guy but the contest looks like a lot of fun, and i just cant miss it =D

(Nikolay Tsys) #2

So i started with ship blockout=D

(Nikolay Tsys) #3

And some design detale and mechanical logic adgustments

(Yuriy Porubov) #4

This is great! Good luck on the contest!)

(Nikolay Tsys) #5

Some more work on turbines and preparing for fake SUBd=) with simple animation test.

(Nikolay Tsys) #6

Thank's man! looking forward to your entry! =D


Awesome that you're documenting your WIPs in entirely Sketchfabs-- like how you just jumped in! Can't wait to see this evolve.

(Michael Calvert) #8

This is starting to come together. What do you think you'll do for the background?

(Nikolay Tsys) #9

Thanks! I just thoght that people come to sketchfab for realtime stuff =)) I gues it will be messy in my syte profile near the end of contest))

(Nikolay Tsys) #10

Thanks=) I started to work on block out for the rest of the scene))
Here is a little sneak peek:

(Nikolay Tsys) #11

And here is some crew member =) still work to do, but its kinda geting shape =D

(Nikolay Tsys) #12

Here is some roph blockout of overall scene =D

(Nikolay Tsys) #13

And some detale work on crane)

(Nate Master Flash) #14

Really digging the shapes you've got so far. The goblin air ship is sick.

(Liemnguyenart) #15

this is amazing!

(Chaitanyak) #16

really love that airship's animation.. very hypnotic :slight_smile:

(Nikolay Tsys) #17

Thank you! there is so much more to do on this ship=)

(Nikolay Tsys) #18


(Nikolay Tsys) #19

Oh thank you! I hope final animation will be more hypnotic=D

(Nikolay Tsys) #20

So here is couple of basic asset sculpts, there is so much more! and we are so short on time =)