Godfather #moviecontest-wip

(Mauricioreyescon) #1

hello guys, I decide to make the murder scene of corleone son's,
I was thinking about the project, and I feel that just reproduce the situation like the real one could not be totally interest at all, so I decide to make a change and let fly away my creativity creating the same scene but some hour later, when the police and medical support arrive to the scene and analize the corpse, what do you think?, I hope that you like...


(Mauricioreyescon) #2

the 3dsmax file.

the movie scene

and the render

(Mauricioreyescon) #3

here the first models

(Mauricioreyescon) #4

(Mauricioreyescon) #5

(Mauricioreyescon) #6

A MESHMIXER let me put some shot, tomorrow I will brake the glass....

and the model in rhino.


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Quite iconic-- love the cars already. Good luck!

(Mauricioreyescon) #8

sonny models, sculptris

(Mauricioreyescon) #9

another fday with sonny....

(Mauricioreyescon) #11

in progress

(Mauricioreyescon) #12