Good alternatives to Zbrush for retopology?


(Mathea) #22

Sorry if thuis was already suggested am on a holiday didn't have time to Read all replies. Not even sure if zbrush core had that functionality

(Dark Minaz) #23

zbrush core sadly doesn't feature the zremesher.
But i don't think there is a good automatic alternative, if you put in 3-4 mins of work you get a way better result via 3d coat though, just select the main edges and hit go, especially for complex models it works way better than zremesher especially for animation. Guess for static models the correct edge flows hardly matter. But a simple "click" .. i don't think you find a better one, pretty sure they keep that secret hidden, would be stupid if they didn't.

(Skyeshark) #24

Unfortunately, I checked, and Zbrush core does not come with the retopology tools.

(Paulchambers3d) #25

My weapon of choice? Topogun. But you might also want to check out

(Mathea) #26

Ah too bad! Goodluck though hopefully you've found something useful that fits your needs!

(Hansolocambo) #27

3D-Coat, definitely.