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Good Morning Blender!


(Leamon) #1

Hello guys!

I present to you the first publication of my work on my Artstation portfolio,
in order to prove my skills in real time 3D production.

Entirely realized on Cycle, the textures are either procedural or handmade,
No google image texture are used except for the Artstation and Sketchfab logo.

New Blender logo is mine

I found it a little aging, I wanted to give it a bit of youth,
also in order to integrate as much as possible in my future real time productions,
to support Blender who no longer have to blush in front of other software.

Thank you in advance for your critical comments.

I hope you will enjoy!

(Shaderbytes) #2

Generally speaking, society does not appreciate a flamboyant introduction. Diving into some new waters for the first time and then announcing you have come to prove your skills, in a pond with many very big fish is not the wisest of decisions, but anyway - Welcome :slight_smile:

Materials and lighting and textures look good. The icing roughness is maybe a tad too sharp for my liking. Poly count is not the best , mainly because the sprinkles are actual geometry I presume. Lastly since I know the doughnut is a tutorial from blender guru , and coffee cups are also known tutorial objects, it does not stand out as a personal work of excellence.

Dont be disheartened, I look forward to seeing some more work from you in the future.

chat soon

(Leamon) #3

First of all, Hi Shaderbytes and thank you for commenting on my work.

Not speaking good Shakespeare's language, I wanted to express myself in a simple and concise way, without any frills: D Great evil takes me;) (French expression, I do not know if a translation exists :stuck_out_tongue: )

This was not my goal :wink:

I am conscious and I should have said that presenting a donuts and a cup of coffee have nothing original :slight_smile:

In the backstage I wanted to set a goal to make a small scene as quickly as possible and quality, or the simplicity of this first publication and not inspired by BlenderGuru I assure you :slight_smile: .

"Prove" was not the right word choice (it was more for me in fact :blush:)

I would have liked to introduce myself on a topic before publishing a work, but the organization of the forum leaves me puzzled :confused:

By the way I retain your remark with great interest.

I invite you to watch these videos of my past work;)

chat soon :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #4

Wow some fantastic looking prototypes in the first video and great pre alpha in the second video. Stylized art like that is very popular at the moment. You definitely did not put your best foot forward in your introduction post then :slight_smile:

Sorry about the language barrier , I should be more careful to think about the possibility of translated posts.

I followed you on artstation and sketchfab now. Welcome to the sketchfab forum community.

(Dualipa) #5

Looks pretty good. :blush: