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Goodbye 'Gaming' category, hello 'Weapons & Military'!

(Bart) #1

Today we’ve removed the Gaming category and replaced it with ‘Weapons & Military’. As you previously had models in the Gaming category, these might be left without a category so please review them and carefully consider which category your model belongs to.

Half a year ago, we redesigned our categories system to make it easier to find content that you love. Since then we’ve closely followed your feedback and learned two things: the ‘Gaming’ category is confusing and you really miss the ‘Weapons’ category.

The problem with Gaming is that it’s an ‘use case’ (like 3D printing or high-end rendering) rather than a topic - any subject matter can be suitable for gaming. As a result, all types of models that really belonged in other categories ended up there.

At the same time the Gaming category became the default place to store any models to do with weapons and military. Many of you made it clear to us that these models really need a place of their own.

We suggest using the tag “gameready” to identify content you’ve specifically prepared for use in games to aid search.

If you have any questions about this change, please post them on this forum topic.

(Netgoblin) #2

So, you ask me to spend half a day to recategorize my models from Gaming category to Weapons & Military??? Automation, please!

(Bart) #3

We would, but there's not way to tell for us if a model is a weapon or not, sorry.

(Neriad Games) #4

Wow. That's kind of disappointing.
How many people provided that feedback about Gaming category being confusing and what was their background? We exclusively post Gaming content and NOT Weapons & Military, and while a new category is welcome, why should such an important one such as Gaming be removed? Also a tag is different than a category. Why couldn't people tag as "Weapons" or "Military" instead?

I think you should be doing broader surveys and look deeper into your analytics before making such choices.

(Sandiskplayer34) #5

Wait, seriously? That makes no sense. Gaming isn’t just a use case for models, if you look at the gaming category you’ll find that most of it is comprised of fan art of games. Not models for use in games.

(Mace121) #6

I just joined in the site a couple days ago, and you're gonna replace the category for gaming with weapons? Oh boy, time to place my one & only model into this one.

(Etienne Beschet) #7

Weapon & military could've been a new category. Just figure out how a tree or a character made especially for games will be categorized sketchfab can display sculpts and overhigh and non-optimized models, thinking the whole site hold already realtime models everywhere is a mess. Now that's great, you'll have both realtime and prerender meshes together everywhere. But that's fine, now we have a smart new category for all our weapons...kind of a bad move from you guys to be honest =/

(Talavaj) #8

This is a very poor decision as far as I'm concerned.
Game ready models and real time assets are the only content I (and I imagine a lot of other users as well) use this website for.

There should be a game ready or related category easily accessible from the main directory.
The fact it is isn't but nonsense like "news and politics" is, is kind of mind boggling.

Even if too broad of a category, anything to filter out the overabundance of dioramas, "3d art" and 3d scans would help.

I would personally scrap most of the oddly specific categories from the main directory.
Currently there is so much that doesn't fit in any of these categories and you are forced to just place your content without making any sense whatsoever, which is why all of my models were in the gaming category in the first place and also probably the reason why there are so many misplaced contributions on Sketchfab in general.

I would be in favor of replacing everything with broader terms such as props, environments, structures, characters, product design and leave the oddball categories like places and travel, politics, sports and fitness... as tags instead.

(Emerald Eel Entertainment) #9

I don't mean to sound like I'm hopping onto a bandwagon for the sake of being negative but I really don't think this is a good idea. What about models made for videogames like interactive blocks? They're not weapons.

(Tobyfredson) #10

As a game asset maker, I'm not sure I'm liking this idea. :confused: Perhaps you would consider making a proper gaming category in the near future, that would be nice since 99% of my models belong in that category. Cheers! :smile:

(Bart) #11

We're aware we need a solution to indicate the 'use case' for each model, like gaming, 3d printing, visual FX etc. Categories don't solve that. For now, this is best served by adding the #gameready tag.

(Warsoul) #12

Okay but where i place my Worldmachine terrain for games ? Props for games ?

(Lukedwyer) #13