Google cardboard and sketchfab

(Iahpostmes) #1

I've been experimenting with the cardboardfeature. It's really amazing but there's one thing that would be even greater as an immersive experience. I've bee fiddling with these tiny games where you can kill zombies (which I dislike) and can walk around using a bluetooth controller. There seem to be possibilities to control stuff on the web with a xbox controller or bluetooth. For cheap visualizations it would be great....but transfering your models in Unity or Unreal is a step which involves programming skills. I work on a high school And are trying to get the pupils to visualize their architectual skills. I'm looking for affordable but not too technical VR solutions. Are you planning on developing stuff like this or will you direct me to other possibilities? Keep up the excellent work...I love sketchfab!

Kind regards Isidore Postmes