Google cardboard images are too big

(Jonwise) #1

If I display my model with /embed?cardboard=1 in firefox on my Android Nexus 10 held in portrait mode, the two images occupy the width of the screen and can be viewed (with some difficulty) by google cardboard. It would be easier to use the tablet in landscape mode but the images spread across the whole screen and so are too big and too far apart to be viewed by google cardboard. Is there any way to control the size of the two images?


Would zooming out or changing the Field of View help?

(Andrew Leahy) #3

Short version: If your device is "much different" from a standard 5" mobile phone, you're out of luck.


The problem here is that a cardboard web app doesn't know what sort of Cardboard viewer it's in. So the best it can do is split the screen in half for left eye & right eye. What you'll find is a developer will "calibrate" the web app (say geometry related to inter-ocular-distance) to the device they are testing with, most likely a 5" phone in a standard Google Cardboard.

Native Cardboard apps have access to the calibration profile for the actual Cardboard viewer the user is using. You've probably seen those QR codes stuck on the side of Cardboard devices... they're important. You'll find native Cardboard apps on a Nexus 10 change the display to suit your Cardboard viewer (although tough to fit into a standard Cardboard!). Unfortunately that profile information is not accessible to cardboard web apps, yet.

I have a similar problem using a Nexus 7 (with Durovis Dive 7 Cardboard). The stereo image fills the display mostly okay, however it's difficult to make the image converge (overlap) and produce depth effect. If you concentrate for long enough, you can almost do it, but you'll end up with a huge headache!

Note: is where you can generate a custom "viewer profile" for your device. But this isn't going to help you with web viewers like the Sketchfab one. I'm sure the guys here are busy working on a native cardboard app to view Sketchfab scenes!

ps. happy to receive new information about this problem.

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Ok, this thread might be a bit old, but it's still the closest topic to my problem :slight_smile:
At the moment, I'm experimenting with Sketchfab integration into a Learning Management System (moodle) for university courses. And I have display troubles on different phones when I enter cardboard mode for an embedded model. Using the Sketchfab VR App there is no display problem at all, it works all fine. This affects so far the Note 4, the S7 edge and the iPhone 6. On all devices I see double images in my cardboard. Would it be possible to also add a deep link button that opens the particular model straight in the Sketchfab VR App, if installed on the mobile device? I think that would be really helpful for people with larger phones or high resolution devices.
Thank you and kind regards, Kerstin