Google Cardboard VR Not Working- HELP?

(Panomedia) #1

Hi guys!!, I'm using a Huawei P9 32mb Mobile phone + Google Cardboard 1st model, when i use the Cardboard app or SKETCHFAB app downloaded from playstore, all the content works fine (demos, etc.. within the Cardboard app) with use of the "magnet/button", but on Sketchfab site its just Impossible , i use the magnet/button but nothing happens, i see the stereoscopic view (2 screens) but Not possible to 'tele transport' to change point of view ...thanxx ..Any suggestions???


Hi there,

Sorry for the long silence. We don't support the magnet button on the V1 cardboard. We only support the mechanical button on the V2 cardboard.

(Russwulf) #3

I am having a similar issue. I just bought a nice plastic viewer with good lenses online, but it doesn't have a button. Most VR apps for mobile have a timer trigger option so that if you point at something and wait, it will click. This would be tremendously helpful for all of us folks who have purchased good viewers without a mechanical button. Please :slight_smile: